FaceTime App For Android

The FaceTime application is the most inherent and successful application in the hearts of its users. FaceTime Video has been around since 2010, but Apple didn’t release FaceTime App until iOS 7 was released in 2013. As with the video feature, it’s audio-only, so only your voice will come out when you release it.


How To Use FaceTime App On An Android Device?

Once inside, you will see the typical video conferencing controls at the top of the screen. These include displaying video in full-screen mode, muting the microphone, showing or hiding your video, and rotating the camera.

  • You now have a simple FaceTime call on your Android device. When you’re done, tap the screen to display the toolbar again and select Exit.
  • Users of iOS 15, iPad OS 15, or later can open the FaceTime app on their iPhone or iPad and choose to Create Link. They can then share the link with you however they see fit.
  • If you are using macOS 12 Monterey or later, you can find the link button at the top of the FaceTime app.
  • They can then share the FaceTime link with you using any messaging platform.
  • This is where Android devices come into play. To participate in the call, you will receive a link to facetime.apple.com.
  • You can open the link using Google Chrome on your Android phone or tablet. You will need to enter your name and click “Next.”
  • Then select “Join” from the floating toolbar. The person must accept your request with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac who sent you the link.
  • To use FaceTime on an Android device, you need a supported browser (such as Google Chrome) and a friend or family member with an iOS device, iPad, or macOS.

Users can use FaceTime on Android or any other mobile platform. If some users don’t have an Apple device, they can use the app by installing FaceTime Apk. However, there are many other great alternatives and ways to use FaceTime for Android.