Download For Windows

The FaceTime App has become a world-class video calling app with the latest update for iOS 15 and macOS Monterey. New features like Facetime screen sharing, portrait, and voice isolation make the sound very loud when needed. But what apparently caught everyone’s attention was the FaceTime app support for Windows and Android.


And it’s no wonder that many people want to use FaceTime on Android and Windows devices. Download the FaceTime app today to access the many benefits the app has to offer.

Steps To Download The FaceTime App For Windows

Install The FaceTime App For Windows via Bluestacks 

  • Click on the APK file that you downloaded in the previous step.
  • BlueStacks opens the FaceTime APK file.
  • The installation of FaceTime on BlueStacks will begin. It will take time.
  • Once installed, open FaceTime with BlueStacks.
  • All you have to do is follow the instructions to get started.
  • Now you can easily use the FaceTime app for Windows.

Install BlueStacks on your PC

  • Go to the following website:
  • If the above link doesn’t work, please copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar.
  • You can download the installer from anywhere on your PC by clicking “Download BlueStacks” on the BlueStacks website.
  • To install BlueStacks on your PC, double-click on the installation file. It may take some time.
  • After installation, open BlueStacks.
  • Install BlueStacks by adding your Google account just like you did when you first used an Android phone.
  • After following the steps above, you are ready to start using BlueStacks on your PC.

Download FaceTime App for PC APK File

  • You can open the APK link in your browser.
  • You can download FaceTime APK from anywhere on your PC by clicking the link above.
  • Follow the steps below after downloading the APK file.
  • After installing BlueStacks, go to the Playstore by logging in with your registered email id and searching for Facetime on your smartphones like everyone else.
  • Now you can install it, and Facetime is ready to go on your device.