FaceTime Video has been around since 2010, but Apple didn’t release FaceTime App Audio until iOS 7 was released in 2013. Similar to the video feature, it’s audio-only, so no voice is produced when you use it. FaceTime Audio is especially useful for people who do not have an unlimited calling plan due to the use of dates instead of minutes on an Apple mobile device.


When you download the FaceTime app, the iPhone becomes a dedicated closed-loop video chat device. You can call any of your contacts if they are from Apple. The application offers much more than you think. FaceTime is just a video calling or voice calling service, but there are two things that make it unique.

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The FaceTime application can be downloaded from the App Store for iPhone devices. If you want to use the FaceTime app on your iPhone, the first thing to do is verify that it is compatible with your device.

How To Download FaceTime App?

These are the steps to download the application:

  • First of all, you need to verify that the iPhone device you are using to download is compatible.
  • In the next step, make sure you have enough space on your device to download the application.
  • Click on your iPhone device and open the App Store application.
  • Then you can search for the FaceTime app by typing its name in the search bar.
  • Select the latest version of the application from the list that appears.
  • Install the FaceTime application on your iPhone.
  • The user can create an account through this application by entering the mobile phone number and providing a contact list to find other FaceTime users in the application.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID and set your caller ID to connect with other people.
  • For the best quality and ease of use, update the application to newer versions regularly.

Then just use the app and regularly update it with newer versions for better quality and ease of use. Therefore, users must take all the necessary steps to properly install the application and use it for voice or video calls with their family or friends.

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